Bulletin for August-September 2017

The 814 and 815th th Cincinnati Regional Senatus meetings began at 2:00 pm on Aug. 27th    and Sept. 24th.  The meetings were  located at St. Matthias Church, 1050 West Kemper Road, Cincinnati, OH 45240.  President Sister Bridgett Redding was presiding officer.

Spiritual Reading & Rosary were led by Sister Bridgett Redding.  The reading was from the Legion of Mary Hand book, Chapter 19,  The Meetings and the Member  and Chapter 22  Actual Works in Hand.  The Need for Apostleship. What are the Needs of Active Works? Jesus worked and suffered much.

Minutes of the  July and August  2017 meeting were read and approved by Sister Charmaine.

Treasurer Report was given by Sr. Jean Palanci.  Balance on hand as  of Aug. 27th, 2017 was $ $5,212.10 and

Balance on hand as of Sept. 24th 2017 was $ 6,017.55.

Praesidium Report:  None

Catena was prayed at 2: 30 p.m.

Allocutio :  The allocutio was given by Sister Gloria Dodd on  the Legion Meeting. Sister Gloria Dodd gave an Allocutio on Giving the report from pages 194-195.   Notes should be in a species of code. The legionary should respect the person visited. You should note what was the assignment. Give the date and time. Was the partner there when giving the report? Give the full name in case someone else has to follow up. Focus on the Spiritual and Social Highlights.. Say your method. Say what sacramentals were given. What is the plan to bring the person to Christ. Are they ready for auxiliary membership? Be concise 2-3 minutes per person.


Approvals/Ratifications/Expiration of Officers:

Notice of Change of Officers:  Please send information to Cincinnati Senatus Vice President:

Sr. Sybil McDowell,


Correspondence: From: Concilium Correspondent, Sr. Maureen-   July letter was received and read.

Council Report :  Indianapolis Curia- They do  Door to Door visitation. They have a wide area from Terre Haute to Indianapolis. Fairly new Curia.  They also visit shut ins. Three people received the sacraments.  There are 12 people coming back to Church. They had a Mass for those who passed.

Legion Functions:

  • 2017 Congress on Aug. 26th, 2017 at St. Anne’s Church 2900 W. Galbreth Rd. Cincinnati, Ohio 45239. It   was hosted by the Arc of the Covenant. 24 persons attended with a very positive response.
  • NCYC-Nov 2017. Legion of Mary will have a booth. Brother Steve Goodman applied for the booth. Brother Steve and Brother Ennis Dodd will attend. Sister Jeanette Sister and Sister Gloria Dodd will. The Dodds have experience with having a
  • General Reunion will be Dec. 10th.
  • 2018 Congress- Nashville, TN- more details forthcoming.

Maria Legionis Report–   Deferrd

  Alfie Lambe Report-  – Chapter 17 was read by Sister Charmaine.

Other Business:

Extension Work:  Brother Steve reports that Kimberly Rodriques is s starting a new Praeddium at St. Mary’s College near Notre Dame on Sept. 22nd.

Next Meeting:

   Reports DueEast Cincinnati Ohio

                             Indianapolis, IN Curia

                            Our Lady of Guadalupe


Closing Prayers: were given by Sister Bridgett Redding at 4:12  p.m.

Respectfully Submitted by Bridgett Redding, President  & Jeanette Siener, Secretary

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