Bulletin April 2017

The 812th Cincinnati Regional Senatus meeting began at 2:00 pm on  April 30th  2017.  The meeting was located at St. Matthias Church, 1050 West Kemper Road, Cincinnati, OH 45240.  President Sister Bridgett Redding was presiding officer.

Spiritual Reading & Rosary were led by Sister Bridgett Redding.  The reading was from the Legion of Mary Hand book, Chapter 37, page 232.


Minutes of the April  2017 meeting were read and approved by Sister Charmaine.


Treasurer Report was given by Sr. Jean Palanci.  The balance on hand for  June 25th, 2017 was $ 5,102.90.  Donations were received by Nashville, TN Comitium, Our Lady Queen of Angels, and Our Lady of Assumption.


Praesidium Report Our Lady of Assumption- Due to lack of Active members this is our last Annual Report of our Praesidium of Our Lady of the Assumption. Our Spiritual Advisor is Father Jerome Gardner. They have 19 auxiliaries members.  Last June we started out with 4 active members. Two members have been active for 37 years. One member is 95 years old. They distribute the Holy Eucharist to Nursing Home residents weekly and another member takes the Holy Eucharist to those that can’t make it to church for Mass. The active members lead the Rosary before Mass or communion service each week.


Catena was prayed at 2: 45 p.m.

Allocutio :  The allocutio was given by Sister Gloria Dodd on the Hand Book pg. 306-307 Chapter 34- The Legionary Must Propagate Everything Catholic.  We can only give out approved materials. Legionaries will not neglect the use of the scapulars and medals. Those who talk about the Brown Scapular shall not suffer eternal fire. Legionaries should wear it to promote Frank Duff as a Third Order Carmelite. Statues, Prints, Pictures, Pictures, and Beads were properly blessed.


Approvals/Ratifications/Expiration of Officers:



Correspondence: From: Concilium Correspondent, Sr. Maureen-  letter was received and read.

Council Report

–  Cleveland W. Comitium  report was given by Sister Phyllis Crespo.  There are 15 praesidia.  There are 269 legionaries. They visit hospitals, jails, and do Enthronements. They have adopted a Seminarian. They do the Pilgrim Virgin Statue.  They did a mini retreat in Euclid, Ohio at the Lourdes Shrine with Father Fran Peffley.  They do recruitment and Book Barrows, a Fair Booth and Coffee House.

South Bend Curia and Mary Mother of God- Officer Lists were received.  Thank You!


Legion Functions:

  • 2017 Congress on Aug. 26th, 2017 at St. Anne’s Church 2900 W. Galbreth Rd. Cincinnati, Ohio 45239. It will be hosted by the Arc of the Covenant.
  • 2018 Congress- Nashville, TN- more details forthcoming.

Maria Legionis Report– none

Alfie Lambe Report- Chapter 14 was read.


Other Business:

Fair Booth– Sister Gloria Dodd discussed the Catholic Information Book at the Montgomery County Fair. Gloria gave an overview of items purchased for the Fair. She purchased a $45.00 cut out of of Pope Francis.  She brought samples for the group.

Altar Cloth was received

St. Raphael added to Legion Prayers-  The group discussed the matter and the majority of those present thought it was not practical and might cause a problem and some folks have wanted to say the Fatima Prayer during the Rosary at our meetings.

Web Page- Sister Sybil supposed to be taking care of this. We are looking for someone  to update our Web page.


Extension Work: Brother Steve was not present but sent a letter to Arcbishop Schnurr in Cincinatti offering to meet with him to discuss our proposal for contacting parishes  to offer our association as a means of outreach and evangelization.


Next Meeting:   June 25th, 2017

Reports DueColumbus, Ohio Comitium & Our Lady of the Rosary Praesidia

Closing Prayers: were given by Sister Bridgett Redding at 4:10  p.m.

Respectfully Submitted by Bridgett Redding, President  & Jeanette Siener, Secretary

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