“The Legion of Mary is an Association of Catholics who, under the powerful leadership of Mary Immaculate, Mediatrix of All Graces, have formed themselves into a Legion of service in the warfare which is perpetually waged by the Church against the world and its evil powers” – excerpt pg 9, Legion Handbook

The Cincinnati Senatus is the governing body over the local parish ministries, called praesidia, for Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, and Michigan in the United States.



Conversion includes extending a friendly invitation to everyone we meet to come to the Catholic Church and to answer questions.


Conservation is important in helping our fellow Catholics to develop a deeper love and knowledge of God and of our Faith.


Consolation is reaching out to the lonely, the ill, and the aged. Contacts are made through visits to the nursing homes and more.


Do You Have Questions?

How can youth be involved in the Legion of Mary?

The Legion of Mary has a type of ministry called a junior praesidia which allows for youth under 18 to participate in its mission.   Members of this group may participate in special works designed for youth.  See the NCYC section.

What are the advantages to starting this ministry?

The primary goal of this ministry is the holiness of its members.  We serve Jesus Christ under the banner of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This is lived out through the performance of spiritual works of Mercy. This is rewarding not only in earthly terms, but eternally.  Please see the Overview Section for more details.

How can I approach my priest to start this ministry in the parish?

The Legion of Mary in a parish is to be an extension of the parish priest.  Spiritual works of Mercy that cannot be performed by the priest due to time constraints can be performed by the Legion.  The Legion of Mary is to be an aid, not a hindrance. Legion of Mary members have written many books and pamphlets about benefits to the priest that can be provided upon request.  Please Contact Us.